Wikidata.svgKhalifofi shiryayyu
historical position (en) Fassara
تخطيط كلمة الخلفاء الراشدون.png
Ƙaramin ɓangare na Caliph (en) Fassara
Bangare na Sahabi
Organization directed by the office or position (en) Fassara Khulafa'hur-Rashidun
Ƙasa Khulafa'hur-Rashidun


Khalifofi shiryayyu :Sune manya-manya shuwagabanni wadanda Annabi ya Ammabata cewa zasu zamo shuwagabanni a bayanshi, kuma mulkinsu khalifantar shi zasuyi, wato suna wakiltar annabtaka ne a bayan rasuwansa. wadannan Khalifofi shiryayyu sune kamar haka:

Khalifancin suGyara



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