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7 ga Maris, 2010

  • 01:2101:21, 7 ga Maris, 2010 bamban tarihi +229 N Tattaunawar user:SjCreated page with '<center><div style="font-size:120%; background-color:#fec; border:1px solid #def; padding:4px;">For a fast reply, write to me on the Meta wiki or the [[w:user:sj|En...' na yanzu
  • 01:2001:20, 7 ga Maris, 2010 bamban tarihi +1,007 N User:SjCreated page with '{| width=" " |- | valign="top" | <div style="padding:8px; padding-bottom:40px;"> <poem> I am Samuel Klein Welcome to my user page Feel free to edit. </poem> </div...' na yanzu